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The World’s premium Eurycoma Longifolia Supplement. Standardized to 8% Eurycomanone to bring maximum benefit to Energy, Sex Drive, Vitality, Lean Body Mass and Athletic Performance. A Health Canada Licensed Natural Health Product.

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The original YoungBlood Energy Infusion, Standardized to:

  • 8% Eurycomanone
  • 50% Saponins
  • 14% Peptides
  • with 100mg caffeine (anhydrous)

Each Capsule Contains:

  • 100mg Eurycoma Extract: 8% Eurycomanone
  • 100mg Eurycoma Extract: 50%Saponins, 14%Peptides, 1%Eurycomanone
  • 100mg Caffeine (Anhydrous)
    Vitamin B-5 (340%)
  • 66.5mg L-Methionine (Amino Acid)


YoungBlood Energy Infusion Product Label USA


8 reviews for YoungBlood Energy Infusion (USA)

  1. Mike P

    As a personal trainer I am always on the lookout for my clients for the highest quality, effective supplements. I struggled to find a good Tongkat Ali supplement but this one takes the cake. I have several of my clients on Youngblood and they all love it! Thank you Youngblood

  2. Deanna

    Feeling on top of the world after being overly stressed at work. Feel more energy to make good choices and my stress-eating has gone down. Feeling good even after a long day My husband was the first to notice 😉

  3. Jordan Kim

    Good energy, good quality supplement. Good boost to the sex drive as well.

  4. Sam D

    Gained 10 lbs this winter and got youngblood to help me while cutting down. I was able to train aggressively with no burnout, and I even out on some muscle while doing the cut and dropping weight. Felt very good with lots of energy to train. Took only 6 weeks to drop 10 lbs so I am very happy with this product. Recommended.

  5. Joshua Bannister

    1 week in – feeling good so far

  6. Gary

    Since retiring I’ve been looking for a natural, healthy product while watching my nutrition. My wife will agree that no supplement has been as powerful as youngblood in improving my sex drive and my daily energy. With Youngblood I feel young again

  7. Richard K

    A friend of mine recommended Youngblood. At first I thought it was just the caffeine kick, but after using it every day for a week or so, I really noticed my overall energy improve: I am sleeping better, waking up refreshed and able to enjoy hockey, golf, surfing and hiking… normally that would have me tuckered out but now after a day on the water I am ready for a night on the town! My energy level is back to where it was 20 years ago.

  8. Reilly M

    YoungBlood increased my energy levels dramatically!! I can feel and notice the difference. I also have noticed my adult acne get so much better, if not almost completely gone. My workouts feel way more powerful as well. Would recommend to anyone looking to feel more energy throughout their days and workouts, as well as an amazing overall feel!

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